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TR3 Management can provide property management services for commercial and residential properties in Southern California. TR3 Management offers a wide variety of services to property owners from leasing to filing nonresident tax returns. We are a full service company allowing remote ownership that is highly affordable, we offer a worry free guarantee and our professional staff is dedicated to see projects until the end. 

TR3 Management stays on top of the competitive edge and maintains knowledge about current market trends allowing our clients to generate higher returns on their investment.

Through TR3 Management we offer licensed electricians, plumbers and realtors to help you with your property purchase, sale and leasing needs or you can use your own realtor. Our attentive quick response to maintenance orders and administrative matters is one of our top goals to assure satisfaction to all parties.

We offer various services such as premium cleaning, painting services and tenant insurance packages. We are here for you, let us know your needs and how we can help you. We welcome you to join us.


Spanish speaking service available.


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